"Why wouldn't a company have a maintenance contract?"

A common, rhetorical question that I often hear from The Engineer is "Why wouldn't a company have a maintenance contract?"

Being surrounded by an engineering team with well over 40 years' experience working with air conditioning systems and all types of commercial refrigeration I thought I'd find out more.

Why have one?

Well as our contract customers will confirm, preventative maintenance saves money, prevents any unexpected surprises and enables you to manage your budget whilst relieving stress.

What's not to like?

By servicing these systems regularly they are much less likely to break down in the middle of service, a heatwave, a busy profitable weekend or a festival (tick which one applies). If they do,  then  you just need to make a phone call and our team will action immediately and keep you updated, simple.


Sounds pretty easy, it is.  We send out an engineer to carry out a free site survey which is handy in itself as you'll receive a "health check" on all your systems, units, chillers etc then we'll explain our comprehensive service plans and help you choose which one suits your business needs and budget.  If you need something more individual we can create a bespoke plan to fit around seasonal periods or multiple sites.


That leaves me with the only possible answer - not everyone knows about maintenance options. Call or email  us now for a copy of our plans or to arrange a free survey.

RS Refrigeration, Maintenance team 01256 760633 E:sales@rs-refrigeration.co.uk


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