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Re-Manufactured Parts

Our high quality air conditioning and refrigeration services extend past air conditioning and refrigeration design, repairs and installation. We also remanufacture compressors and transport refrigeration engines in our effort to maintain our commitment to high quality and integrity.

With the highest level of detail and precision, our remanufacturing service includes a thorough cleaning, inspection and components serviceability test and once each unit has been completely rebuilt by our engineers, we conduct a thorough test run under real load conditions in our test facility.

All running data is recorded and signed off by a Supervisor on completion. The performance of our remanufactured products is guaranteed upon completion of assembly and testing, providing you with the confidence you deserve.

Our experienced and well trained engineering staff provide you with:

  • Quality remanufactured compressors and engines
  • Off the shelf replacement of popular compressors and engines
  • On-site removal and refitting service
  • Comprehensive engineers reports
  • Full warranty on all units – 12 months for commercial compressors; 6 months for transport compressors; and 3 months for engines

We supply re-manufactured products for all popular transport and commercial refrigeration units such as Arctic Circle, CCL, Carrier, Thermoking, Frigoblock, Hubbard, TF etc.

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Transportation Compressors

Transportation is a vital industry and portable cold storage during transportation is crucial to the safe arrival of food products and more. One of a fleet manager’s biggest challenges in a world of escalating fuel costs is unscheduled maintenance and breakdowns.

When the cause of a breakdown is the transportation compressor, we can give you the option of either replacing it with a new compressor or refurbishing the existing one.

The bigger picture

Transportation over long distances can result in increased waste and pollution, and as businesses look to curtail expenses by finding less experienced remanufacturing shops, it can not only raise concerns about the quality of the transportation compressor provided but can also raise environmental concerns about the efficiency of the compressor’s operation. At RS Refrigeration Services we firmly believe that the price of the compressor remanufacture should include an examination of its end-result efficiency – and that’s what we give you!

No compromise on quality

When a transportation compressor fails and you decide to remanufacture it instead of replacing it, it’s important to work with a company that has long standing experience. At RS Refrigeration, our trained and certified technicians refurbish and remanufacture all types of transportation compressors.

Essentially, remanufacturing brings an existing compressor unit back to its original running condition, without replacing the entire unit. It is important to understand that remanufacturing does not, in any way, compromise the quality or operability of the compressor unit. In fact, it can often improve it. All original parts are carefully cleaned and examined. Original components may be re-machined to the manufacturer’s specifications and tolerances. Unusable parts are discarded and replaced with new.

Refrigeration Compressors

Refrigeration systems in cold chain facilities can easily account for up to 40% of the total annual energy outlay, so applying highly efficient refrigeration systems can greatly reduce energy consumption. Keeping your refrigeration compressors running smoothly and efficiently is important to the profitabilty of many businesses.

Remanufactured versus Rebuilt

Refurbishing, or remanufacturing a refrigeration compressor will save a great deal of money compared to buying a new compressor.

Refurbishing is not the same as rebuilding, which incites a lot of discussion in the compressor remanufacturing industry. Rebuilding is a term that refers to opening the compressor and replacing any obviously damaged parts before reassembling it. Refurbishing or remanufacturing the compressor is a higher grade of process that ensures a better quality outcome based on the skill and experience of the expert completing the work.

At RS Refrigeration Services, we remanufacture all refrigeration compressors at our on-site workshop in Hook Hampshire and are highly skilled, experienced and renowned for quality in the remanufacturing industry.

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