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Benefits of a Local Transport Refrigeration Company

Transport Refrigeration in Hampshire

Transport refrigeration is essential to many industries such as food and catering industries and medical & pharmaceutical industries. In these industries transport refrigeration assist with regulations they must follow such as those put in place by the food standards authorities. When it comes to transport refrigeration it can be beneficial to companies to opt for a local transport refrigeration company rather than a national provider. We are based in Hook, Hampshire and as a result are ideal for supplying local transport refrigeration in Hampshire as well as the greater south east region.


Transport refrigeration companies in Hampshire such as ourselves provide a more cost effective solution for local transportation needs as our overheads are much lower and therefore we can pass on our cost saving to you. For example the time it takes to reach you as well as fuel our vehicles consume is considerably reduced for businesses based in and around Hampshire. The cost of these overheads is typically incorporated in the price a transport refrigeration company quotes you which means that our already competitive pricing becomes even cheaper!

Quicker Response Rate

In instances where a quick response rate is needed, such as transport refrigeration repairs, a transport refrigeration company based near your business will get to the problem sooner than a company located 5 hours away from you. For example at RS Refrigeration we offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency breakdown and transport refrigeration repairs in Hampshire and the surrounding areas.


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