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Can You Answer “Yes” to These Questions?

Can You Answer “Yes” to These Questions?

Can You Answer "Yes" to These Questions?

Would you answer ‘yes’ to the following six questions…?

Would you prefer to avoid costly emergency repairs?

Would you like to maximise the lifespan of your air conditioning or refrigeration equipment?

Would it help your budget to spread the costs of maintenance evenly throughout the year?

Would your business lose money if your refrigeration or air conditioning equipment could not be fixed within hours?

Would an unexpected breakdown leave you feeling as frazzled as your equipment?!?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could call your friendly neighbourhood breakdown team and get same-day service?


How Much Does a Maintenance Contract Cost?

You’ve probably answered “Yes” to most, if not all of those questions, but you might still be thinking that you can’t afford a planned, preventative maintenance (PPM) contract. Think again! RS Refrigeration really can come up with a bespoke maintenance plan for your budget.

Here’s another question: would you like a free rough estimate of maintenance costs for your equipment? Or better still, a free, no-strings-attached quotation for the cost of maintenance?

If the answer is another yes, then please pick up the phone and call 01256 760633. All we need for a rough estimate is a quick chat and a list of your equipment. After that, if you want to take things further, you can book a free site survey and a quick health check on all your systems, units and chillers.

It’s Up to You

We’ll create a unique service quotation for your business needs and budget.  This plan can include multiple sites and fit around seasonal peaks.  We’ll follow up with a friendly call and introduce our support team then it’s up to you if you’d like to go proceed.

Our engineers will tell you that planned maintenance always costs you less over time compared to the break-fix alternative. And it’s certainly less stressful knowing that you can predict the likely reliability of your equipment and that you always have a trained engineer just a phone call away.

So, if you’re asking yourself if you can afford a maintenance contract, that’s a question to which the answer is always: “Yes!”


If you are interested in a quote for bespoke air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance services, please contact our friendly team on 01256 760633 or via our contact us page. Don’t forget we can provide commercial air conditioning repairs and commercial refrigeration repairs, too.

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