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Improve the life of your Commercial refrigeration

Improve the life of your Commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is vital to so many industries, whether it is catering, florist, medical or research, commercial refrigeration is relied upon. So when your commercial refrigeration stops performing to the required level, it can be a great expense to your company. This is not through the repairs but through the loss of products such as fresh food and fresh flowers; the quality soon deteriorates. In this article we explore how you can prolong the life of your commercial refrigeration.

Clean Fan

In commercial refrigeration the fan is a common cause to breakdowns. If the fan is not maintained properly it has to over work and soon stops working. To clean your commercial refrigeration fans simply remove the fan cover and clean accordingly. To remove the dirt and grime effectively use a de-greaser. The dirt soon builds up so when you clean the fan you’ll see the difference in performance. Due to the importance of the fan to commercial refrigeration, you should get a technician that specialises in commercial refrigeration repairs to check the fan regularly.

Dust In Condenser

Dust built up in the condenser can cause your commercial refrigeration to over work which in turn can make your commercial refrigeration overall temperature to heat up. Frequently checking the condenser for dust build up can prevent the temperature of your commercial refrigeration from rising. Simply remove any dust found in the condenser regularly to maintain your commercial refrigeration performance. By carrying out this routine regularly from the point of refrigeration installation you can prevent the frequency you require commercial refrigeration repairs.

Check gasket

A commercial refrigeration gasket can make the difference between a high performing refrigerator and a underperforming one. It’s essential that checks are carried out regularly to monitor the condition of the seals. The gaskets prevent any temperature from escaping from the commercial refrigeration; if it is damaged in any way the commercial refrigeration loses its ability to stay cold. Therefore the items stored may not be held at the appropriate temperature. Checking the commercial refrigeration gasket weekly should result in finding any damaged gaskets before any real damage is caused. If you find any abnormal lumps, bumps or slits then call for commercial refrigeration repairs immediately as your product quality will diminishes.

Cover Acidic foods

For hygiene reasons, it is often recommended to cover all food stored in you refrigeration. However when it comes to acidic foods such as fruit and veg, meats, oils, diary product etc. the acid corrodes the inside of your commercial refrigeration. These high acid levels corrode the inside lining of your commercial refrigeration.

Check Outside Airflow

Many people tend to forget about the airflow of the outdoor unit, however, if the airflow of the outside unit is restricted your commercial refrigeration is likely to breakdown due to overheating. To prevent this, we recommend you carry out checks to ensure that the airflow is full flowing. Often weeds, grass and general rubble is responsible for the restriction in airflow. Have a regulation procedure in place to monitor the outside unit to prevent commercial refrigeration breakdowns.

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