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Portable Air Conditioning

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Amcor Portable A/C Units Weekly Hire

We offer rental packages based on 1-5 weeks hire, 5-10 weeks hire and 10+ weeks.  Just call or email us to discuss your specific requirements, if you need to us to visit your site we can calculate the room size for you and advise the best energy efficient unit for your needs.  Units range from 2.3KW for a room size up to 25m to 4.4KW and beyond.

We deliver the units locally or long distance with a standard One-off Delivery/Collection Charge.

  • Local (25 mile radius)
  • Further (50 mile radius)
  • Inside M25/Long Distance

Outright Purchase Prices

One of our main sectors is the supply of new systems, MONOBLOC and SPLIT, please get in touch and an expert qualified engineer will talk you through your options, conduct renting versus buying comparisons and provide in-depth product knowledge gained from over 40 years experience within the air conditioning industry.  Discounts are available on 5 or more units.

Product NumberSize of Unit(General Office)
MF10000E2.63KW = Room Size 25m
AMC10KMR-410A2.9KW = Room Size 25m
AMC12KM-410A3.5KW = Room Size 30m
PLM12KE-4103.5KW = Room Size 23m
PLMB15KEH-4104.4KW = Room Size 35m
AMC15KM-410A4.1KW = Room Size 35m

If you require a permanent air conditioning system you might find our commercial air conditioning systems more appropriate for your needs.

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