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Transport Refrigeration Air Filters

Air filters ensures only clean air enters the air inlet of your transport refrigeration engine. When worn, their ability to prevent dirt and dust from entering the engine is significantly reduced putting the engine at risk. By simply replacing the air filters when they are showing signs of wearing it could save you money in the long run, averting the need to replace the whole engine.

Need a little help? As well as selling parts we provide a transport refrigeration repairs service. If you require assistance fitting your air filter, whether new or refurbished, our team of fully qualified engineers are here to help. For more details and to book your repair, please contact us on 01256 760633 or via our contact us page.

MakeModel/Part Number
Air filter – carrier supra refrigeration unit306004920
Air filter Thermo King RD11 refrigeration unit11-7234
Air filter Transfrig, TF refrigeration unit158024
Air filter for carrier refrigeration unit kubota ea300942642
Air filter fits Carrier and Thermoking unitsJAT 351


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